Golden Visa

Golden Visa

Residence permit in Europe – Golden Visa

Golden visa is a residence permit in Europe possibility for high profile non-European Union citizens. It consists on a citizenship by investment program.

How To Get The Golden Visa?

General Principles

With the introduction of this mechanism of citizenship by investment it is now possible for a temporary residence permit to be granted without the need to first obtain a residence visa, if the foreign national, personally or through a company, makes an investment that leads to the creation of at least one of the following situations in Portugal:

(1) Acquisition of real estate with a (sole or combined) value of at least € 500k.
(2) Acquisition of real estate with more than 30 years construction time with a (sole or combined) value of at least € 350k
(3)  Acquisition of real estate in areas with less than 100 citizens per square km with a (sole or combined) value of at least € 400k.
(4) Acquisition of real estate in areas with more than 30 years construction time and less than 100 citizens per square km with a (sole or combined) value of at least € 280k.
(5) Capital transfer of at least € 1M (to a bank operating in Portugal);

(6) Capital transfer of at least € 500k invested in Portuguese Funds of  Venture Capital or Funds of Leverage Capital;
(6) Creation of at least 10 permanent jobs in a new company created in Portugal;
(7) Donation of € 250k for Culture, Heritage or Arts into a Portuguese National Institution;

Investment using companies: If the investment is made through a company, the respective value is determined by reference to the proportion of the investment in the respective share capital, as long as the company has its registered office in Portugal or in another European Union Member State but with a permanent establishment in Portugal.

… In detail:

1) Capital transfer of at least € 1M:

Regarding the first condition, the capital transfer, can be met through the simple deposit in a Portuguese bank account or through the acquisition of shares or quotas in companies. These companies can be stock companies or normal Anonymous or Limited Liability Companies.

In the case of a transfer of capital in an amount equal to or greater than EUR 1 000 000, the applicant must present (i) a declaration issued by a Portuguese financial institution stating that the applicant is the sole or first holder of the capital or, if it is an investment made by a company, (ii) an up to date commercial registration certificate declaring the holding of the stake in the company, valued at the amount of the investment required for this purpose.


The New minimum “staying” requirements:

The Investors, for the purposes of renewing their residence permits, should prove now that they have met the following minimum periods of residence in Portugal:

    • 7 days, consecutive or not, in the first year and;
    • 14 days, consecutive or not, in the subsequent period of two years.


Obtaining a Portuguese Passport – Portuguese Citizenship:

To obtain a Portugal permanent residence permit after a period of 6 years legally residing in Portugal it is permitted for individuals to apply for Portuguese citizenship, further being granted a Portuguese Passport, allowing a residence permit in Europe.

Our Support

PTGOLDENVISA was created by international experienced managers with backgrounds in Law, Economics and International commerce.

PTGOLDENVISA works closely with high profile non-European citizens that wishes to have a residence permit in Europe and move freely within European Union space, through this citizenship by investment program.

We are an end to end service provider supporting each client to obtain the a residence permit in Europe, through Portuguese Authorities Golden Visa.

Our service is professional, credible and confidential… and you can rest assure, because: we deliver!

When applying to European Golden Visa clients normally requests our support in:

  • Liaising with the Portuguese Authorities on the submission and renewal “Golden Resident Permit”
  • Incorporation of the company/Consultancy on the corporate structure
  • Liaising with the best Real Estate Agents in Portugal
  • Liaising with Banks for all requested services
  • Dealing with the corporate and individual taxes in Portugal
  • Own Temporary work agency
  • others

Schengen Area:

Like any other holder of a residence permit in Portugal, persons with a golden visa may travel around the Schengen Area.
(Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Slovakia, Slovenia, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Norway, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland).


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